A New Day for WMFO


That's me tearing apart the old DJ turntable setup in the richly appointed WMFO studios. After a week of tearing out Reagan-era cables and replacing them with nifty Ethernet-style connections, our all-new Araxis digital broadcast system is up and running. It's pretty freaking awesome, but long-time fans may miss the obnoxious electronic hum from the old mixing board or the tendency of the turntables to pick up random FM radio signals.
The stuff we can do now is impressive. We've got direct communication between the studios on the air, two working phone lines and an automated playlist system that will keep us on the air even when there's nobody to DJ. This is a huge step forward for our little station, and one that I'm sure you'll enjoy.
Along with this new equipment comes a need to retrain our DJs, and part of my show has been scheduled for training time. So I'm putting off the Spring show for two weeks. Tomorrow night I'll be playing songs about radio from 7 to 8, then busting out R.A.M. Pietsch's spectacular Norwegian Wood during the 8 o'clock training hour. I don't play that one in its entirety nearly as often as I should; if you've never heard it, you're in for a real treat.
Next week, I'll be celebrating April Fool's Day with one of Boston's top rising comics, Shane Mauss, who's appeared on Comedy Central and Late Night with Conan O'Brien and won Best New Comic at the HBO Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado. We'll be talking about life on the road and what really goes on behind the scenes at a TV talk show.
The time's still the same, 7 to 9 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time, on 91.5 FM in Boston or online at wmfo.org.

Don't Tune in Tonight


No show this week, as WMFO is down for a few days during station upgrades. What's happening? How about an all-new Araxis digital control system? We spent the weekend tearing out miles of cables and Reagan-era electronics so we could replace them with skinny little Ethernet cables and a bunch of servers.

Setting up a radio station is easier today than you could imagine. When the show returns next week, we'll have an all-digital setup and the beginnings of a lossless digital music library. That means no more hum from the old analog board and no more stray radio signals leaking into the turntables.

Take tonight to recover from your St. Patrick's Day celebrations. I'll be back next Wednesday with the annual salute to spring.

Celebrating WFMU


Listen, I know that times are tough. Your 401(k) is in the crapper, your mortgage is upside down, and job security belongs only to incumbent politicians. Times are so bad that Bruce Vilanch is reduced to calling me bad names on my blog posts, and he was a Hollywood Square.

The last thing you need is someone else reaching into your wallet, but if you've got a few bucks left and don't feel like turning them over to the next Bernie Madoff, why not put them to good use? My dear friends at WFMU are having their annual Pledge Marathon. This only happens once a year, and the funding from friends of freeform radio is what keeps them going. Without it, there's no WFMU and no place for people like Hbee and myself to share our vinyl finds.

Buying the records you hear on my show costs money. Ripping them and posting them costs time. I do this for love, but I do need an excellent forum to get them out to the masses. So if you've ever enjoyed one of my posts, click that pledge box on the right and send some monetary love in WFMU's direction. They need it far more than I do.

As a reward for your pledge, I'll keep bringing you new finds every week. Promise. I'll even start this week, when I'll be ripping a variety of singles live on air for future posting, and playing some of the best from the past. We'll travel to London and Bermuda, learn how to stop smoking, and hear the praises of American consumer products sung. Nick Zaino calls in at 8PM with details of a very busy weekend for the Boston comedy scene.

It all kicks off at 7PM Eastern on WMFO, 91.5 FM in Boston, or online at wmfo.org.